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We want our customers to understand what is happening when we are on site. Our FAQ contains information on the way the team at Bond Plumbing work; the kind of jobs we do, what is involved and what to expect when the job is complete. If you are considering a plumbing project on the Gold Coast, browse our client testimonials or contact us today for an obligation-free quote.

If roots get inside the underground pipes, we send our camera down & check where it is & how much the roots have protruded into the pipe, if possible, we can jetter them to break them up. Once this is done we recommend replacing the pipe because the problem will continue to occur again, until there is no more room for the roots to get in.

In the worst case scenario where the roots have completely taken over the pipe, a significant portion of the line would need to be replaced.

If you need a professional Gold Coast plumber call us at Bond Plumbing to discuss how we can help you. You’ll find us friendly, hardworking and knowledgeable whether it’s you need a plumber for residential or commercial, renovations, new builds or emergencies.

Firstly, try and run hot water with some dish soap down the drains (try & do this regularly, to avoid blockages.) If there is still a blockage, call us, we’ll place a camera & jetter down the blocked drain to find the root of the problem, and flush it out with a high pressure hose.

The main cause of a high water bill is in not having water efficient fittings – a plumber can install aerators, water saving discs, dual flush cisterns, etc. Other causes of a high water bill can include underground water leaks, dripping shower heads, leaking hot water systems, etc.

Yes. We can inspect all accessible areas, which does not require the removal of toilets or invasive work where the plumber may need to change, move or remove any other fixtures.

Bank transfer, cash, all major credit cards and cheques.

Unfortunately, with HWS, we cannot tell when a valve or hot water system is going to go, until it goes. Most valves on a hot water system have a 1-year warranty and most hot water systems have approx. a 7-year warranty.

If your hot water system shows any signs of leaking, a dramatic change in temperature, rusty/discoloured water or makes noises when you use your hot water, give us a call.

While we do our best to arrive on time for every job, sometimes delays are unavoidable. If we’re running late, we’ll give you a courtesy call to let you know.

Yes, Our call out fee is $40+GST.

No, We charge $45+GST per estimate. On acceptance of the estimate job, we will deduct the amount paid for the estimate.

Our prices start at $88+GST per hour.

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DA Welch

“This is company you can truly truly on! We’ve had them sort out plumbing issues at our house a couple of times, prompt, reliable, great job, no stress = all good!”

Aileen Morgan

“Great service all round from the first phone call to the work that was completed. The Bond boys were both friendly & professional. Their work was clean & efficient and we will definitely be calling them again if we ever need to. Highly recommended.”

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