Blocked Drains Helensvale

Bond Plumbing recently attended a property on Gwydir Court, Helensvale, after receiving a call to clear some blocked drains.
We met the customer on arrival and discussed what the problems were, and what parts of the house had been backing up. The customer informed us the council had issues on their side of the property and of a more frequent issue with the back toilet being blocked.

With the information we gathered, the first point of call was to clear the main drain to the street.  The camera was placed down the blocked drain 15 meters then it wouldn’t go further. We hooked up the jetter machine, pushed it down the drain until it hit the blockage, then worked the cable till the water rushed passed and cleared through. This then gave us a clearer picture of the drain.

Bond Plumbing then addressed the back drain issue. After putting the camera in the drain we quickly discovered a blockage 3 meters from the clear out. We set up the jetter machine again and blasted the blockage away. With a clear picture in the camera, we found the problem was tree roots in the ground that had made their way into a join in the sewer. With a toilet upstream, it would have to be rectified quickly.

All areas were cleaned up and we then gave the customer a report on our actions, and recommendations for fixing their problems. The customer is keen to fix the blocked drain issues after discussing their options, and will book in at a later date to prevent this happening again.

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Valued Customers

Anne Patterson

“Have used Bond Plumbing a number of times in the last month and they are great! Moved into a new (old) house and have had a few problems. Prompt, friendly and reasonably priced. Very nice people!! 10/10”

Gerald Harper

“Excellent service with installation of new toilet with honest pricing”